What everyone ought to know about downloading security software

Already this week, I ran into five different customers who were bitten by security software impostors. Since security problems are rampant on Windows’ computers, many degenerate computer programmers and sheisters have come up with spyware and virus spreading software disguised as security software. And the worst part is that unsuspecting computer users know the name of good, legitimate software and these impostors sound correct to them so they download and install the software.

The problem begins after the installation when their computer becomes deathly slow and more and more pop-ups start appearing telling the user how slow their computer is, how many bad things have been found, and how much money it will take to get the bad things off their computer. And even if the unsuspecting user pays the ransom, the computer never gets better and they are only $50 or so dollars lighter in then wallet.

How can you avoid this pitfall? ONLY download from legitimate download sites like Download.com OR better yet, use our Links & Resources section to get the direct downloads of the real software that does work and won’t extort money from you.

We know that many of our long-time listeners and web visitors know this information, but you will be doing all your computer friends and family a huge favor by passing this information along to them.

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