WiFi is truly becoming ubiquitous

I’ve mentioned before that I think that laptops make a lot of sense for computer users who travel. With a great deal of our communication and information gathering tied up in the computer world, not having this tool when traveling is a definite minus. My family and I just returned from a short trip where having our laptop with us saved us a lot of time and aggravation.

While traveling, we used the computer and a wi-fi connection (which was easy to find) to :

  • Email relatives
  • Access maps 
  • Compare shopping centers we were thinking of visiting
  • Keep an eye on the weather
  • Check road reports
  • Find our favorite eateries
  • Find independent coffee shops (we like them better than Starbucks) 
  • Download and look at pictures we took
  • Stay current with news without having to wait for a newspaper or the evening news

I’m curious what other travelers use their laptops for on the road. Leave a comment and tell me your traveling laptop story or tip!

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