World Backup Day 2014

The last few years since this day came into existence, I found out about it AFTER the day passed. This year, however, I found out the date BEFORE so I can celebrate it with you.

Any long time visitor to knows that I frequently get on my backup soap box and answer many questions about backup on my radio show. In fact, searching for backup here on the site will yield plenty of articles, tutorials and recommendations. Clicking here will get you started.

The World Backup Day folks have some basic information at their web site as well as some posters and flyers available for download and distribution. Their biggest push seems to be simply to raise awareness about how important backup is…which it is! Check out their site, check out the links and help here on my site and pass the word along to the people you most care about on how and why we should all backup our important information!

Happy World Backup Day!

wbd_vertical-year (Small)


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