Yelp – Real world reviews

On my most recent travels, I discovered yet another great travel web site that I will be using every time I travel. The site’s name is Yelp. Yelp bills themselves as a site of Real People. Real Reviews. Yelp reviewers review everything from restaurants to schools to religious organizations. As their slogan describes, anyone can write a review about any service. I think the service works so well because it works like the feedback on eBay. Everyone has an opinion about everything, but after reading a dozen or so reviews for whatever topic (I used it for finding good restaurants) you can easily titrate the advice into something usable for you.

I found the reviews to be extremely helpful and fun to read. And acting on the advice that I found most helpful, the resulting restaurants and fare they served were excellent. Another added bonus if you travel with a phone that can access the Internet like the Treo, Blackberry, iPhone, etc, you can access Yelp with your phone at

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