Web surfing 101…again

Catching up on my reading, I ran across yet another article outlining how easily unsuspecting web users can be duped into infecting their machines and voluntarily giving up their own hard earned money.

You MUST read this article, IF you want to keep yourself, your wallet, and your computer safe.

Wired published the article I was reading today in their Ocotober issue. You can read it by clicking here.

Executive summary:  Bad guys are everywhere. They can easily trick you into installing their bogus software. They can then get you to shell out $50-200. Your computer will then become slow and almost useless requiring more time, attention, and money to fix it.

Please read the entire article. It is scary, enlightening, and extremely important.

Over the years, I have posted many helpful articles, videos and hints on how to stay safe on the web without being scared with every click. A little education will go a long way in keeping you safe and confident. Keep one important fact at the forefront, however:

No security software on the planet can prevent these types of infections (period). 

Here are links to my past articles and tips that will help you keep your computer safe:

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